MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves

MMA safety gloves or grappling gloves are small, open-fingered safety gloves used in MMA. They usually have around 4-6 oz of cushioning and are developed to provide some security to the person wearing the safety gloves, but keep the fingertips available for grappling techniques such as clinch battling and submission.The effect of safety gloves on the accidents triggered during a MMA fights are questionable issue, mostly considered in regards to boxing. Research have exposed that the use of large ‘boxing style’ safety gloves fights cause more serious and more long-term mind and eye accidents than bare-knuckle fights, although the occurrence of trivial accidents (cuts, bruising) is decreased. In part, this can also be linked to more, short rounds in present fights made possible by the use of safety gloves, which results in longer fights than previously and that fighters punch harder while wearing safety gloves.



MMA shields are used during a practice. Shields are very useful to enhance the power of a kick, forearm, ?elbow and some of the body parts that a MMA athlete can produce. This is an instrument to test whether a kick, forearm, elbow or the striking body parts of a MMA athlete is powerful or a kick, forearm, elbow or the striking body parts?needs to improve its power. Coaches or trainers only hold the shield and they are the only people who can tell how powerful or weak a kick, forearm, elbow or the striking body parts?that the MMA athlete produce. Shields looks like a punching bag but it is small and easy to handle.


MMA Shorts

The Unified Rules of MMA offer clear guidelines around the shorts used during professional and novice MMA fights. These rules have offered a standard for outfits companies to design and create training and fighting shorts for fighting and related sports. MMA shorts have now progressed from regular board shorts or bike shorts. They now much more specific and offer several features to enhance convenience, mobility and versatility, and additional features that enhance a fighter’s ability during practice and fights.



headgears are used in sparring and amateur fights to protect the fighter’s fragile parts of their head during a sparring or an amateur fight. Headgears are useful to help decrease impacts in sparring and amateur fights that may cause severe head injury during sparring and amateur fights. Good headgears can give protection of the head. Headgears are forbidden to wear in professional ?fights of MMA but headgears are wearable during sparring and amateur fights. ?In useful sparring practice and amateur fights, fighters are going to get hard hit on the head a few periods. Without a better protection piece headgear, they get harmed. They get harmed, they cant practice. They can’t practice, they don’t get better. They don’t get better, they will lose.

Shin Guard

Shin Guard

A shin guard is an equipment used on the front side of a MMA fighter leg to secure them from injuries. This is due to being required to used by a MMA fighter in training for safety measures. Shin guards are useful equipment that will prevent the fighter from hurting themselves in training. Shin guards are not wearable during a professional fight in MMA, only in amateur fights can wear them. This is optional for the fighters to wear in training. Some fighters don’t want to wear shin guards for a reason that they want to make themselves confident enough and to make their mental toughness of receiving the pain reach at its peak.

Mouth Guard

Mouth guard

A mouth guard is a safety device for the teeth that includes the gum area and teeth to avoid and reduce damage to the teeth, arches, mouth and gum area. A mouth guard is most often used to avoid damage in contact sports, as a treatment for bruxism or TMD, or as part of certain dental techniques, such as teeth whitening. Based on application, it may also be called mouth guard, end, gum shield, gum guard, night guard, occlusal splint, bite splint. Mouth guards also prevents the jaw of the fighter to loose when a fighter receives a punch.

Groin Guard/Protector

Groin Protector

Groin guard or protector is used to protect the fighters groin area. In this instrument the fighter is very safe from injuries that may cause him/her a real severe pain for a long time. Groin protectors are used in trainings for avoiding severe accidents during sparring. It will make the fighter safe and unharmed. Precaution is better than regretting what is already done. It is forbidden to use is professional fights in MMA for a reason that the contact sport is very dangerous and fragile. This will only be used in sparring, not during a professional fight on MMA.

Punching Bag

Punching bag

A punching bag is a durable bag designed to be continuously hit. A punching bag is usually round but a stretched circle shape, and loaded with various components of corresponding solidity. Punching bag?are often loaded with grain, sand, cloths, or other content and are usually installed from the roof or fitted to a take place. Other bags have an inner bladder to allow them to be loaded with air or water. The design of a punching bag allows it to take recurring and continuous physical hit without damaging it. The bag must also process the effect of strikes, without resulting in damage to the fighter. Punching bags are also enhancing the power and speed of a fighter’s punch and kick.

MMA Bags


MMA bags is quite big and bulky but this the bag that will fit all there gears and needs inside of it. MMA bags are very durable and has very big space to fit all the things that a MMA fighter needs to bring. Their bags have many kinds of designs and colors. It is the right bag that a MMA fighter wants and the fighter wants that all his/her gears and need are intact and in only one place. It is made of special threads so that the bag will not tear down when it gets heavy. It is durable and very useful for the fighters.

MMA Clothing

MMA CLothing

MMA has many kinds of clothing to wear during a fight. MMA is not only about karate, judo or any kind of Mixed Martial Arts. The well known MMA is the UFC. This is where all kinds of Mixed Martial Arts are allowed as long as it would help the fighter get the win. In UFC they wear shorts or some wears cycling that are already improved and designed to give comfort to the fighter, as the fighter moves around the ring. They don’t wear anything on their upper body. They just wear the shorts or cycling that required to wear during the fight.